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I'm a freelance sports and landscape photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I've had the pleasure of covering a diverse range of sporting events, including the Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival, IBSF Bobsleigh and Skeleton, Whistler World Ski & Snowboard Festival and Short Track Speed Skating. With my well-rounded skill set, I am well-equipped to capture the essence of various sports genres.

When I'm not immersed in freezing exciting moments of fast-action sports, I find inspiration as a landscape photographer, capturing vibrant and unique images of British Columbia's photogenic mountainous coastline. From serene sunsets to dramatic mountain vistas, I strive to capture the essence of British Columbia's natural wonders.

My visual approachis, devoting myself to capture at every photographic session a fusionbetween striking graphic composition, distinctive perspective andmaking best use of the possibilities offered by the location and thesubject.

 Over the years, I have found inspiration by looking at the work of a few renowned photographers whom I admire the artistic flair and outstanding craftsmanship: Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Annie Leibovitz, Al Bello, James Rushforth and Neil Leifer.

Alongside my photography pursuits, I also work as a lighting technician in the Hollywood North film and television industry. This invaluable experience has provided me with the opportunity to work under the leadership of many renowned directors of photography, among them Janusz Kaminski, Robert Elswit and Paul Sarossy, further sharpening my technical skills and attention to detail.

In addition to my specialization in sport and landscape, I have also gained substantial experience in a few other genres of photography, from portraits, to documenting the energy and atmosphere of live concerts, and even providing on-set publicity photography. This versatility allows me to adapt to different client needs and I aim to deliver high-quality results across a wide range of photography assignments.


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